About the site:
This is actually a project I set for myself to help my friends who are exchange students in Taiwan so that they can blend in faster, or easy their pain of learning Chinese. lol

I want to archive some infos you might need to live as a student or expat in Taipei.
To share more infos, or help you as a virtual studying buddy(學伴), or language exchange partner.  I receive a lot of help from my Tandem partner* when I was in Germany, and I'd like to pass the favor to make you have a better time being here in terms of living or studying.
*Tandem is the way they call studying partner/LE partner in Germany, in Taiwan we said 學伴 instead.

I hope the site could serve as a toolbox that you could use is to start your food adventure, weekend hikes with less troubles.

WHY called 手指臺北?
The idea comes from the name of a serious of travel guides in Taiwan.  "手指" means fingers in literal, it could also mean pointing at sth.  They published these books with plenty photos that you could just point at the book to show people what you want when you travel abroad.
I want to make it easier with your fingertips pointing and your portable gadgets.

"By a single click, helping you tackle those tricky Chinese characters."
That's why it is called "手指臺北".

WHY Taipei?
Even Taiwan is not a big country, each cities could varied with each other.  I choose Taipei because I was born here, and grow up in this area.  The content I make will be public information plus my personal experience.  As I am not from any other place, I would like to start small.



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